Mountain Nature Network and Ward Cameron Enterprises introduces our new Web Television Network

The internet has opened up incredible opportunities for sharing stories and images in new and creative ways. Mountain Nature Network is leveraging the power of the internet to create an ongoing list of programs on the natural and human history of the Rocky Mountains. These interactive presentations will add to the power of this web site by adding virtual television programs and slide shows. 

Building a Railway - Making a Nation

Our first online presentation looks at one of Canada's epic adventures. The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway helped cement Canada as a nation and connected the remote western wilderness with the commercial centers in the east. This is a story of struggle against immeasurable obstacles and impossible realities. It also represents one of Canada's greatest moments. Click here to listen to this program in Real Audio


Watch Founder Ward Cameron being interviewed on CFCN News in Calgary

Ward Cameron's newest book Canmore & Kananaskis - Best Hikes Best Activities joins Altitude Publishing's SuperGuide series. It is quickly becoming the standard reference to one of Canada's most recognized mountain playgrounds.

Coming soon! The Year of the Great Bear

The year 2001 has been designated as the Year of the Great Bear. This conservation initiative is focused on bringing attention to the ecology and conservation of this critical member of the mountain ecosystem. The health of our grizzly population can be seen as an indicator of the health of the entire ecosystem. This program, developed in conjunction with current researchers will look at current research, conservation and ecology.

Important considerations before you begin

These programs use Real Networks Real Player. This is a free downloadable program. While they will try to sell you their Real Player Plus program, the free Real Player Basic program will work just fine for these programs. Click here to download this program.

If you are using a dial-up modem, you may notice some hesitation near the beginning of the program, but this should diminish as the program progresses.

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