Where can I find information bear or cougar sightings?

Some  users of MountainNature.com believe that this should be a site where recent bear or cougar sightings are chronicled. This is simply not a practical goal for this site. Many hikers do not record their sightings on MountainNature.com, and those that do may wait several days or longer to input their record. After consulting with other naturalists and biologists, there was concern that publishing locations of sensitive species such as black and grizzly bears may actually promote curious sightseers to seek them out. While the people that have requested this information assure us that they are looking to avoid encounters, the mountain parks also attract many individuals looking to get very close to these animals. A summer drive up the Icefields Parkway can provide opportunities to safely see bears, yet people constantly leave the safety of their vehicles to get dangerously close to black and grizzly bears.

The best source for current information on bear activity is to check the trail report for the area in which you are planning your outing. Each park area has weekly trail reports that will list any restrictions due to recent bear activity. These are more current than MountainNature.com could ever hope to be and all trail users should check these reports before heading out.

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