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Our new sightings database allows you to record sightings of plants animals and birds found in the Canadian Rockies. Once you have recorded your sightings, you will be able to review them at any time. 

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Recording a Sighting is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register to achieve access to the database. 
  2. Record details of a trip or outing.
  3. Record plant, animal or bird sightings connected to that trip.

This database requires you to log on to gain full access. For security purposes, you will need a user name and password to record or view your sightings. In this way, we can ensure that all users are aware of, and agree with the conditions of usage of this online database. Any personal information submitted by you will be confidential. It will not be released to outside marketing companies without your consent. On the other hand, without some form of verification, we cannot ensure the integrity of the database. 

While your personal details and records remain confidential, other users will be able to search the database for recent sightings of a specific species. They will be able to view details only on the date, time and location of the sighting. No personal details of your record will be divulged. This limited public access makes it possible to provide an online resource to the location of particular plants, animals and birds. Serious birders will love its ability to pinpoint recent sightings and narrow the search for an elusive species.  

Take a Quick Tour

You can take a quick tour of the power of the database by logging on using the following:

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This will bring you into the sightings database where you can experiment with recording trips, adding plants, animals and birds, and simply experiencing the power of this product. 

Why do we need an online database?

One of the most important steps that we, as naturalists can do, is to keep a personal log of our sightings. Even if we only collect our own sightings, we can (in time) use the data to spot trends that will help us to become better naturalists. There are many software programs that will help you to do this. Some are free, while others are commercial programs. This site combines the convenience on an online identification database with a no cost location to record your sightings. 

While collecting personal records is powerful, imagine the power of collecting information from large numbers of naturalists into a single database. This site is not designed to be an island, but rather to work with already existing data collection methods. The Federation of Alberta Naturalists already has collected an immense database of bird sightings. Our goal is to make our research available to these larger projects. In this way, you can use the convenience of this site while still contributing to these larger research projects. Your sighting details can help researches studying everything from wolves to wildflowers. Remember, your sighting details will only be released if you indicate that you would like them to be provided to researchers. 

The size of this database will also allow you to search for recent sightings of a desired species and begin your search in a likely location. In this way, you are also rewarded for taking the time to record sightings.  

Record a Rare Bird Sighting

You can now use our Rare Bird form to record a sighting and submit it to the Alberta coordinator of Rare Bird Sightings. This quick form will ensure that the information is quickly presented and distributed. Click here to see a list of birds requiring a Rare Bird Form.

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