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We spend much of our time in the field identifying and learning about the unique landscapes that we work and play in. Without the excellent work of many authors, we would not have nearly as much fun as we currently do. This section will recommend some of the very best books available.

Don't waste any more time with unknown and untested books. Check these books out.



Plants of the Rocky Mountains, by Linda Kershaw, Andy MacKinnon and Jim Pojar is the definitive source for the plants of the Rocky Mountain region of Canada and the United States ranging from New Mexico to British Columbia. With almost than 1400 species and detailed information on each (including 900 color photographs), this is the book we use daily in the field. It is arranged taxonomically though so it is not always the easiest book for beginners. Click the appropriate flag to purchase 


Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rockies by Linda Kershaw is another must have field guide. If you are interested in native uses of the plants of the Rocky Mountain region, than this is the guide to have. Like her other guides, it has full-color illustrations, a cloth cover and very detailed notes on how plants have been used throughout history. Click the appropriate flag to purchase.


Plants of the Western Boreal Forest and Aspen Parkland by Derek Johnson, Linda Kershaw and Andy MacKinnon continues the excellent Lone Pine series into the Western Boreal Forest and Aspen Parkland. Once again it has excellent photographs and covers some 620 species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, mosses, lichens and ferns and grasses. Click the appropriate flag to purchase