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Now you can experience the stories behind the scenery.

Winter Snowshoeing Adventures at Amazing Prices -

Never have we offered our snowshoe adventures at a better price! This is your chance to try out this rapidly growing winter activity. It is the perfect family outing.

Winter activities revolve around snow and the snow has finally arrived in the high country. Strap on a pair of snowshoes and experience the freedom of the hills. You'll visit places you can't go on skis. You'll see the tracks of animals you don't see in the summer - animals like the pine marten, weasel, snowshoe hare and maybe even lynx, wolverine or cougar.

Let Ward Cameron Enterprises take you out to experience the magic of snowshoeing. Our expert guides can help you learn the secret skills of the tracker. We know where the best snow is and how to make the most of your snowshoe adventure.

Recession Proof Pricing - Save $50 on a half-day Snowshoe Trip!

Experience the magic of snowshoeing with a trained naturalist. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom offered by a pair of snowshoes. The best part is - if you can walk, you can snowshoe! This winter, you can do it for the best price ever.

This winter we've dropped prices to make our private guiding affordable for everyone. We've slashed our minimum price for a group from $300.00 to a recession busting $250.00. For this one low price we'll take a group of up to 4 people for a half-day snowshoe adventure. Extra people are only $40 each (a great saving from our regular $75 fee).

We'll meet you at the trailhead with snowshoes, back packs, bottled water and hot drinks for the trail.

All guides are NOT created equal. Our guides are certified at the Professional level or higher according to the Interpretive Guides Association. Some  companies use guides with only a few days of training. You'll never to experience that when you hire us. We use only highly certified guides with a minimum of 5 years of guiding experience. Most of our guides have been guiding for more than a decade - and you will benefit from those years of exploring.

As you explore the mountains your guide will introduce you to the local animals and birds that share the landscape with you. Fresh tracks of pine marten and weasel will be mixed with those of snowshoe hare, red squirrel and deer mouse - predator and prey sharing the trails with you. You'll learn the stories behind the tracks as you make fresh tracks of your own.

Snowshoeing 101

It IS true - if you can walk, than you can snowshoe. There are a few rules of the road though that will ensure your first outing will be a memorable one. Here are Ward's helpful snowshoe hints:

  • Remember - there is no reverse. If you try to back up in a pair of snowshoes, the tails will dig into the snow and you'll end up laying in the snow rolling around like a turtle. This will be followed by ridicule from your friends, photographs and constant teasing. If you need to turn around, just walk forward in a tight arc and you can make a very quick turn-around.
  • Don't follow your partner too closely. You can really mess them up if you accidentally (or not) step on the tails of their snowshoes. Suddenly they try to step forward and nothing happens. Once again, there is falling, laughing and photo ops.



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