Identify a Plant by Major Group or Colour

Step Three - The Final Identification has more details on the plants of western Canada and the Canadian Rockies than any other site. Use us as your source for learning about the plants of western Canada

Your plant should be listed below. Select one of the underlined names to go directly to the page for that plant. If you would like to view another plant after making your selection, use the back button on your browser to return to this list. You can then select another of the listed plants. 

  Name Latin Name
Bog-laurel, Western Kalmia microphylla
Buckbrush Symphoricarpos occidentalis
Buffaloberry, Canadian (Soopolallie) Shepherdia canadensis
Dogbane, Spreading Apocynum androsaemilfolium
Dogwood, Red-osier Cornus stolonifera
Falsebox Pachistima myrsinites
Honesuckle, Western Trumpet Lonicera ciliosa
Honeysuckle, Bracted (Black Twinberry) Lonicera involucrata
Honeysuckle, Twining Lonicera dioica
Honeysuckle, Utah Lonicera utahensis
Rhododendron, White-flowered Rhododendron albiflorum
Snowberry, Common Symphoricarpos albus

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