Identify a Plant by Major Group or Colour

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While each major group may contain many individual plants, these same groups can be further broken down by taking a closer look at the plant. The following descriptions are designed to reduce the number of potential candidates to a more manageable number. Select the description that resembles the plant you have observed.

  Basal Leaves Only
  Buttercup-Like Flowers
  Daisy-like Flowers
  Dandelion-like Flowers
  Five Notched Petals
  Five Petals
  Five Petals and Three Leaflets
  Five Petals Leafs Mainly Basal
  Five Petals with Clasping Leaves
  Five Petals with Leafs in Pairs
  Five Petals with Leaves Alternate
  Five Petals with Maple-like Leaves
  Five Petals with Violet-like Flowers
  Five Petals/Miscellaneous Flowers
  Flowers in Terminal Clusters
  Four Notched Petals
  Four Petals
  Grass-like Leaves
  Lily-like Leaves
  Low, Matted, or Creeping Plants
  Pea-like Flowers
  Shrubs with Simple, Alternate Leaves, Smooth Margin
  Six or More Petals
  Small Flowers with Large Opposite Leaves
  Three Petals
  Tubular or Bell-Like Flowers
  Umbrella-shaped Flower Clusters

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