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Identify A bird with Mountain Nature Network has developed many ways to identify the birds of the Canadian Rockies. The route you choose is limited only by your personal preference and level of knowledge. As time goes on, we will continue to add to the identification methods as we respond to the wants and needs of our users. 

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Here is your express route to identification. If you already know the common or Latin name of the bird you would like to view, simply select it from the drop down list provided and select the Submit button. 

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Browse Birds by Group

This is the key to use if you prefer to see a listing as organized in most bird guides. Examples include Diving Birds, Heron-like Birds, Geese and Swans, Dabbling Ducks, etc. Your selection of a group will take you to a listing of all the birds within that group. 

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This key is handy if you want to view a list of related birds, such as all the jays. By selecting the index listing (ie. jays, woodpeckers, etc.), you will be taken to a list of all the birds in that group.

Browse Birds by Genus 

Are you already familiar with the bird you are seeking, but would like to view a list of all the birds within a single Genus, use this key. Once the list is displayed, you can move directly to the relevant field guide listing. 

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